How was 2020 for you?

If 12 months ago, I had been told that I would have been confined to my home in the forest for most of the year; would be restricted from travelling abroad, even back to visit my family in the UK; that I would have one brother in hospital, a sister-in-law in hospital and another brother pass away, even for a glass half-empty person like me, that would have sounded pretty bleak. Sadly, all came to pass and more.

That said, 2020 was not all bad and, indeed, had some of the greatest moments. So, let’s start at the beginning:

January: having discovered, 3 days before Xmas, that the pain in my right shoulder was caused by a part that had calcified and broken off, being referred to physiotherapy was a bliss. That increased as my physiotherapist, Andre – as hesitant an English speaker as I was with German – outlined a number of ideas he had for adventures into entrepreneurship. Having submitted the dissertation for my MSc in Marketing on Xmas Eve, I was happy to provide him with insights into developing his products and strategies, and our time became split between physiotherapy and business advisory sessions. He has since enrolled for an MBA and we are working on bringing some of those ideas to fruition in 2021. And, over the following six weeks, my shoulder improved and is now better than it has been for 30 years!

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